Master Timetable

Hello Everyone.
I have been looking around but cannot seem to find what i’m looking for.
Now, is there a way where admin can have Master Timetable With all year classes?
Also is there a way where i can see all my classes as a teacher in one screen instead of selecting which year i want, for example i teach year 4 and year 5 to 7. But on the timetable i must selet which classes i want to see. Is there a way where i can see all my classes in one timetable without having to select? I post a picture.

Hi dgago,
and welcome to the Gibbon Community. You can find master time table under
Learn —> Timetable -----> View Master Time Table.

For your desired behavior use ROLE SWITCHER from HOME and select teacher.

Hope this answers you. If need further help, fell free to ask.

Best Regards,

Thank you For that, but the thing is for exmple as a teacher i can see year 5 to 7 but cannot see year 4 unless i select year 4.
For example let’s say tuesday i have 13:30 i have class 5a 14:00 i have Class 6a and at 15:00 i have Class 4 a.
So within those hours i can see year 5 and 6 but not for on the timetable but i click year 4 i can see the year but not 5 and 6. Is there a way i can see all classes regardless what year group in one place