Markbook view not showing progress correctly


I have noticed a problem with the markbook view, it does not correctly show progress. I don’t know exactly where the problem lies, but I think it is in the GradeScales itself. For example, for UK KS3 a “2C” is lower than a “2B”, however gibbon shows that the student who has attained a 2C has gone beyond their target of 2B. This is not the case as to go beyond their target of 2B they would need at least a 2A.

I was assuming that Gibbon uses the sequence number column from the grade scales table to work out which grade is higher, but it seems as though it uses the Value column. Logically it makes sense that a 2C comes after a 2B, but this is not the case with the grade system.
I have attached a picture of the problem below.

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Forgot to mention, I am using Gibbon v11, if this problem has been rectified in the newer version, then please let me know.

Hi athar1,

There have been some changes to the markbook since then, however I’ve looked at the code back to v11 and it appears the sequenceNumber of the grades is being used to determine progress, so it should be ordering and comparing things correctly.

Can you paste a screenshot of the grade scale you’re using? From the ‘Edit Grade Scale’ page, so we can see the values and sequence numbers.


Hey guys I’m experiencing a problem in Gibbon 13 and 12 in my installation. When ever I try accessing markbook module i keep getting this error "Fatal error: Can’t use method return value in write context in /home4/natty/public_html/school/modules/Markbook/markbook_view_allClassesAllData.php on line 327.
How do I resolve this issue?

Thanks for the reply skuipers - I thought I’m best off updating Gibbon first of all. So I updated it to 12, and now I’m seeing the same problem with the grade scale we are actually using. I will attach a picture of the grade scale as well as the markbook. (It’s different from the one above).

Sorry skuipers, I just put in new markbook data and it seems like it is working now. Thanks anyway. It definitely wasn’t working in v11 though, with the same sequence numbers.

@asley what version of PHP are you using?

thanks I was able to fix problem. You are right it was the PHP version.

Excellent. Can you let us know what you upgraded too and from?