MarkBook Export to Excel Issue

Respected Admin/Sandra,

                    We store marks obtained in comment as gibbon can show Obtained Marks in comments. But when I export markbook to excel the comments data get changed. I am uploading screen shots.

As you can see it changed the obtained Marks and Total Marks itself but percentage is showing same.

Please look into it.

Best Regards,
Ghulam Abbas

Hi Ghulam Abbas,

It looks like whichever spreadsheet application you’re using is seeing the fractions in your comments (eg: 32/40) and simplifying them down to the lowest number (4/5). You may need to set those columns to display as plain text so this doesn’t happen. In some applications it performs this conversion on import, so it may be an option in the Open dialog.

Hope this helps! Incidentally, it looks like the markbook is exporting the columns in a different order, which is a separate issue and I’ve made a note of it.


Respected Sandra,
Thanks for the answer.
I checked by changing to text but it converted it in points. Please give me some solution or where I can change excel program or change any other option from database?

It’s not nessesarily an issue in Gibbon, but rather one with the spreadsheet. For excel, depending on your version or os, I think there’s often an options section when opening a file so you can turn off the formatting, or maybe an import wizard to handle this. I don’t have access to excel right now to check what the exact steps are, but a Google search may help.