Markbook Comments

In the Markbook, the teachers have been using the Comment field to add internal notes for themselves to remember why something happened with the student on that assignment. For example, they may add a comment that the assignment is excused or if an assignment was re-graded, what the original grade was. The problem is that there may be some comments not formatted correctly or that could be taken the wrong way by a student or parent. Is there a way to add a permission to this column where we could selectively allow if a parent or student could see these fields?


Hello, each column has two settings, controlling whether or not it can be accessed by parents and students within the class:

Does this do what you are looking for? Ross.

Those options are for the entire column, which also includes the comments, correct? The feedback I received was that the teachers want to include comments (for the column), but didn’t want those comments to be seen by students or parents. Kind of like their own notes about an assignment.


Ah, I see. This is an interesting idea, and one possible option is to have a Teachers Notes section, like we have in the Lesson Planner and Unit Planner. The issue here is that we are very short on programming time at the moment, especially as we are approaching the end of the v17 development cycle. Is this something you would consider paying a programmer to do, in such a way that we could then roll it in for future use?



Sorry for the delay. Understood on programming time as my day job is getting in the way also. Let me see if the school I am helping is open to development. Thanks for the help!