Markbook class selection

Hi Ross & Sandra

It seems to me that the markbook is always showing all classes a teacher is assigned to.

I have set up classes which do not need a markbook, e.g. library time, pastoral & sports.

Is there a way to filter the dropdown box to show only those where marking is done?

At first, I was thinking that the reportable field is allowing to filter this, but this doesn’t work, which I also agree to, since there may be a markbook but the subject should not show in the report.

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We could add a Markbook field to gibbonCourseClass, which would be like reportable, but for the Markbook.


What do you think?



Sandra? Are you there?

Yep, I’m here … mostly (just a busy time of year). If there’s enough of a benefit it’s likely something that could be added. Would the overall effect of adding new fields to identify Markbook-able classes just be to reduce the dropdown list by a few items? Or is the desire to specifically prevent teachers from using the markbook in those classes?

Hi Sandra,

It’s not about restrictions. The existing restrictions are working well for me, e.g. a teacher who is not a participant of a class cannot use its markbook, right?

This issue is about the long dropdown lists, which contain all classes whether they are relevant in the markbook context or not.

You definitely have a point here. Adding another field may just be out of proportion. Alternatively we could add some data behind the class name of the dropdown list, e.g. the total number of assessments. The user would then immediately see, if the markbook is used or not. Would this be better?

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Agreed, I think improving the drop-down selection may have a lot of benefit, rather than adding more settings to the system. Ideally I’d love to implement fast finder style drop-downs for areas where there’s large sets to search through (classes, student names, etc). When searching, the fast finder can match any of the letters in the options, vs a standard drop-down can only match the first letters. We’re pretty much to the end of the dev cycle for v14, but I think it’d be a great feature to aim for in v15.

Ok, sounds great!