Manually adding new students

Hi all!
I have a very small language school and Gibbon is the first software for school admin that I am using at all.There are no data bases with student data that I can import. I would like to add my student names manually. Do I have to do that under manage users? In other words, add them as a user first and then enroll them in a class?
Thanks for your input!

Hi Cynthia,

Yep, add them in Admin > User Admin > Manage Users. Then for each student go to Students > Student Enrolment and add an enrolment for the current school year. A student is only considered active in the system if they have a User and a current Student Enrolment. From there you can start adding students to classes through Admin > Timetable Admin > Course Enrolment by Class/Person.

Hope this helps!

  • Sandra

Thanks Sandra! That sounds clear enough. I’ll give it a go!