Managing Permissions

After I have edited the permissions of different roles there is no save button so All was Lost! I notice some error message at the foot of the page??


The permission page is a large form with a lot of fields. Depending on how your PHP is set up, you may find that you cannot submit the form, due to it having too many fields for your server. To change this configuration you need to increase the max_input_vars parameter in your php.ini file. Your server guys (Tony?) should be able to help with this.

For most schools a value of 10,000 should be plenty.



Hey Ross,

I set the max_input_vars of my server to 5000 and Gibbon is working perfectly with this value. It was originally set at 1000. But, what happens if I set it to 15000 and above? Will that not be too high? Is such a high figure even needed at all?


Good question. I know Peter’s school will have a range of extra roles, each of which will increase the number of form elements on the page significantly. The more roles you have, the higher the number will be. Similarly, the more modules you install, the higher the number will be. Having too high a number for max_input_vars is only really dangerous if your server cannot handle the load, or if you have a form that can be attacked. For Gibbon, the only form that needs such a high value is the Permissions form, and it is available only to admins. So, a relatively low risk.


All right! That’s fine.

We have problem with giving anyone access to edit the Individual Needs - even my super admin rights are not working! The check boxes remain grayed out. This was not the case a month or so ago



Hmmm, this is interesting. It may or may not be permission based though. Can you please start a new thread, and include in it the link to the page where you are having the issue, and a screenshot of that page? Thanks! Ross