Managing Columns in a Timetable

I already set up columns for each day in the 2016-2017 academic year, for example Fiday 2016-2017:

Now I’m preparing the 2017-2018 academic year, is it possible to copy the same structure to the monday to friday 2017-2018 year?
Look at the picture, notice from monday to friday for the new academic year number of row is 0, but if I already have this structure for the past year, is there a way to copy this structure?, instead of doing the same thing again:

In other words, I dont want to be doing this process again (for each day and 11 periods every day), if I did it for the past year !!!:

Adolfo, good question. You could do it by exporting the relevant SQL statements, updating them and then re-importing them. If I’m not mistaken, @ross’s Data Admin module should do this, but you will need to create custom import/export pattern. She’ll be able to tell you more. Ross.

Thanks Ross, just one more question. what about if I delete the 2016-2017 days? (I mean columns for Monday 2016-2017, Tuesday 2016-2017…etc), I´m not gonna use them any more, if I delete those days, is the 2016-2017 year be affected, with grades, classess, schedules, etc ???, let me know please. I consider once we dont use those days any more we would like to remove them from the “Home > Timetable > Manage Columns” list, but Im not sure if I delete them everything is going to be ruined !!!

Don’t delete the old columns! Without them your old TTs will not work, which will be a pain if you need to go back and look at something. The Markbook and courses and class should work…but I don’t think it is worth the risk. Ross.

Hi folks, Ross & Sandra,

This thread needs more discussion.

Admins like myself struggle with rollover of timetable, course classes, etc. I seems to me that currently only user rollover is well documented.

Please share your experiences!

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Hi folks,

To answer Adolfo’s initial question, I think it’s a simple yes. A timetable structure can be set up once and used over and over again. Gibbon is handling this beautifully. All you need to do is creating the 5 days which are linking your new timetable to your old timetable structure. This is done within a minute or so.

Am I correct about this, Ross?

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Yes, that is correct. You only need to define, or redefine, columns for each day whose structure (e.g. timing of periods) is different. This hopefully affords flexibility and efficiency in setting things up.