manage groups

Hi Gibbon Team

I am in the process of setting up the Gibbon system in our school. and have come across a glitch

In the “Manage Groups” on the dropdown to select tutors for that group only one name is available.

I have imported the teachers and students via the data upload module, I cant see that anything that is wrong.

So under what circumstances would the dropdown list no be populated.


Hi mrbronz,

               Welcome to Gibbon Community.

You have to add the staff from People----->Staff ----->Add . Once you add staff members , you will see all in your list.


OK so how are students enrolled in a course

You have to first go ro People -----> Students------> Students Enrollment and then enroll students to suitable year groups and roll groups.

Go to course enrollment by class from time table admin to enroll students in courses . Make sure to add courses and classes from time table admin.