Manage Courses and Sections/Classes

I already have all the courses and sections for Year1 (1stGrade), look:

But I have nothing for next years (from 2 to 12), is it possible to copy the ones in Year1, then make the corresponding modifications for the rest of years…, look:

Or maybe by using Data Admin? Which option?, is it here?

Hi Adolfo,

The Data Admin module can be used to help setup courses and classes. Start with the “Course Information” import first, and click the Export Structure button.

This will give you an empty spreadsheet with the column headings you need for importing. From there, build your new course information in the empty spreadsheet. The School Year column values will all be 2016-2017`, the Department and Year Groups both use the short names (check them in School Admin to be sure), and Order By can often be left as 0.

When you’ve built the spreadsheet, you should be able to import it using the “Course Information” importer (from the first screenshot).

On step two of the import it’ll ask to confirm the columns. It usually grabs the right ones, but it’s good to check to be sure (the values in the fourth column are a preview based on the first row of the spreadsheet).

Importing the classes can be done with the same steps. I also recommend taking a Snapshot before your first import just to make sure you have an extra backup of your data:


Now I have all 2nd grade courses

I just need to add the corresponding classes for second grade
And finally add from 3rd to 12th courses.
Thanks Sandra

Awesome :smiley: give a shout if you get stuck on anything while getting the rest of the courses & classes imported.