Login Page

How can I edit text on the First page(Login Page) on V17, apart from Welcome message?
Is that through Twig?

Hi cmb,

Yep! One of the options with v17 is editable templates. The welcome page is in resources/templates/welcome.twig.html`, which you can edit with the Twig syntax: https://twig.symfony.com/doc/2.x/

To keep your changes from version to version, copy the template file and place it in a themes/Default/templates folder (create one, then paste the file in it). This allows themes override the default system templates. The templates are going to change as we introduce new responsive elements, so when the next version comes out be sure to incorporate any changes you make to the updated templates.

Templates are also cached (currently in uploads/cache`). If your system is set to Development it will re-generate the cache as you edit the file, otherwise you’ll need to empty the cache folder to see your template changes.

Some of the other blurbs on the homepage can be edited in their respective settings pages: student applications, staff applications, departments, public unit planner.

Hope this helps! There will be docs soon, once more of these templates are finalized.

Thanks, Sandra. Keep up good work!!

I knew this was in v17, but seeing the theme override bit reminded me of how powerful this can be. Amazing! Thanks Sandra : )