Links to and from main website

Hi Ross,

I assume that Gibbon cannot really be used as a school website…so, is there any way to connect them to each other (I don’t mean a link, I mean that if a person is logged into Gibbon, then they can see relevant information on the main website. For exams, a student will see “upcoming homework”, a parent could see links to their children’s pages, etc? Perhaps a module in Wordpress?

David, this is a good thought, and in the past I have looked at ways I might use Gibbon to create websites in a WP MultSite installation. Never had any luck, but also never had much time. At the moment what you are looking for is not available, but if you have someone with some coding skills it could be possible.

Yes, David. It can be worked out. We have the capacity to implement Gibbon on a school website…

ayeritedw, please tell us more…!

This is such a wonderful idea. Anyone working on this?