Library: Option to declare status of book

Would be great if there was a drop down menu when adding or editing library entries to show the quality of the book (IE new/perfect condition, Excellent, good, fair, damaged and also a notes section to specify what damage etc…some pages missing, cover torn etc)

Thanks as always for your consideration of additions.



No problem at all. I have added this to the v12 todo list (

I can do this in three ways:

1) a text field so you can type anything you like (more flexible, less consistent data)
2) a general list of options (e.g. new, slight damage) that applies to all items in the library (e.g. print, computers, etc).
3) a more print-specific list only applicable to books/magazines, etc (e.g. pages missing).

What do you think would work best for you?


Hi Ross,

I think a general list as described in your option 2, but perhaps with a final option of ‘other’ and the space to note what other refers to

Is that do-able?

Sue, thanks for the suggestion. Not going to make any promises just now, but will refer back to this thread when it comes time to code this into v12. Thanks, Ross.

As always Ross, your consideration is much appreciated. I have some volunteer librarians coming to spend time with us this year, so I may end up with a few ‘libray’ module suggestions/requests for you to consider!


Always welcome Sue. Time is the key as to whether they get implemented, but we will try our best.



As discussed above, I have added a field for you called Physical Condition. There is no “other” option with custom text input, as not enough time just now. The field offers the following values:

‘As New’,‘Lightly Worn’,‘Moderately Worn’,‘Damaged’,‘Unusable’

This is now available in the v12 dev code, under the following commit:

It is NOT backwards compatible with v11, so you will have to wait until v12 comes out in June to be able to use it.

Hope all is going well with your Gibbon journey.


Thanks Ross, our current library volunteer is compiling a list of suggestions for and will get to you soon.