Lesson search

Hi folks,

The other day I came across a rather weird issue. A teacher was complaining that he created a lesson I can’t find it anymore.

A database search revealed that the date was set to a closure day and was therefore completely hidden. After changing the date in the db, it became accessible again.

Sometimes I also wish to have a search function available allowing me to find a lesson without being forced to open classes one by one.

Are there plans to have a lesson search implemented?

Kind regards,

Hi Roman,

I’m guessing the initial incident is an edge case, is it possible the closure date was added after the lesson was created?

Adding a search functionality could be useful. We don’t have any current plans to do so, since the core efforts are still focused on refactoring, but we welcome pull requests :smiley: Another option is to look at the Year Overview for a given class, which should list all lessons for that class.

Yep, this was such an edge case. We add school closure days rather late and as we are going. So it’s not really an edge case for us. :slight_smile: