Koha Support?

Another newbie question. I know Gibbon has its own library database. Is it possible for Gibbon to offer support for Koha Library Information System? Perhaps a plugin that allows Koha to run within Gibbon?

Hello, good question! If you take a look at the Moodle module on our Extend page you will it functions by creating MySQL views that allow it to present a remote Moodle server with the database information it needs to suck data out of Gibbon. Depending on Koha works, the same approach might well work. It’s outside of our core work to build such modules (the Moodle one was a test to see that this approach works), but you might be able to build it yourself or find someone willing to build it for you.

The advantage of using Gibbon’s module, which will be more limited than Koha no doubt, is that you get access to your student’s reading history within their student profile. This is at the core of Gibbon’s philosophy if a single system to meet a wide range of needs…you get the benefits of connected data.