Keep Track of Student's Final Grade for a Class

Good day. For keeping track of a student’s Final Grade for a class, I saw two solutions and list them below. Please let me know which of them should be used, or if there are better solutions:

Solution 1. I have created reporting entries (Reporting Cycle, Scope [per Course], Target per Student, Criteria Type of “Number” named “Final Grade”). But the Final Grade entered is visible to all teachers and not just to the teacher who encoded the Final Grade. I also can’t see (yet) the benefit of publishing reports in relation to keeping track of a student’s Final Grade for a class. There may be something in that I can’t see yet

Solution 2. I followed and created an Internal Assessment column named “Final Grade” for all classes under Assess > Formal Assessment > Manage Internal Assessments. Because my courses are assigned to multiple year groups, the workaround is to manually choose only one year group for each class ( I think this is the solution that I should follow, but this is from 2016 and so may not be applicable anymore

Thanks in advance!

Hi richardg,

Both options are viable, and likely depend on what workflow works best for your school. The Reports module works best if your end goal is to publish a PDF report card or transcript for students, which includes info such as their final grade. If this is not the case for your school then the Formal Assessment is likely a good option, and simpler to setup.

Thanks sandra. I will go with Reports module because there’s need to generate transcript containing information like courses taken on a particular year and term and its final grade.

With your Reports module setup, will a final grade encoded by a teacher be viewable by other teachers?