Issue with upgrading Gibbon

Hello Ross and Sandra,
I am hoping that you will be able to shed some light on this issue. The school’s installation of Gibbon is hosted on a web host and this morning, after backing up the installation and the database, I upgraded to the latest version of Gibbon. Everything went well and I proceeded to the website to access the application, unexpectedly I was unable to log in using my credentials. In fact, the interface looked a bit different as the ability to log in using my Google email was not available with the new installation, although when I check the database itself, the email address was saved with the other information as it relates to my user account. At the end of it all, I had to revert to the save backup installation in order to be able to get back into Gibbon. Is there anyway that the upgrade process could be made a bit less painless?

Hi nosaj,

Well done for backing up. This is always nice to read!

Gibbon v23 had some big changes on the login and authentication fronts, and you’ll need to run some database updates to be able to log in. This seems like a catch 22, as you generally need to be logged in to run the updates.

However, there is also a non-logged in version of the database updater, which you can run from https://[yourDomain]/update.php. If you go to this location in your browser it should hopefully run the updates, confirming that they are done, and then you can try and log in again.

We spend a lot of time trying to make update as painless as possible, but some updates are dramatic enough that there are limits to what we can do. Being signed in when you update the files, so that you can then update the database, generally helps…but no always!

Let us know if this helps.


Hello Ross,
I forgot to mention that the installation was done using Softaculous. I backed up the database and then I proceeded to do the update using the above mentioned Softaculous. In fact it installed without an issue. The problem arose when it came time to log in. My credentials did not work anymore. When I checked the database using phpAdmin, everything was when it supposed to be, including my user account information, but is was locked out. I ended up having to revert to version 22.0.01. When I check the update page I saw a notification that eleven of the tables are not set to InnoDB. Should I update those first before proceeding to do the update?

Hi nosaj,

It is ideal to have all your tables running InnoDB, however the ones that aren’t are likely additional modules, so I suspect this shouldn’t be the cause of the issue. Updating them first, before Gibbon itself, couldn’t hurt though.

If you do try to update again, can you check to see that there are no errors, either displayed on the screen or in your system error log? While there were quite a few changes to authentication from the past versions to the current v23.0.02, there shouldn’t be anything that specifically prevents you from logging in or changes your credentials, unless there is an error of some sort. Feel free to take any screenshots or share anything that looks like it might not have updated correctly.