Issue with Class Enrollment module

I created a new semester for the summer, create one course and one class for the semester. When I created a student account and use the “Class Enrollment” module to enroll the student into a class. I can’t see the class in the list. Later, I realize that the student’s “expected start date” is June 1st 2022 (in the future). When I change the date to “April 1st 2022”, the class showed up. I am confused about this – shouldn’t the class show up in the list regardless the start date of the student as long as the class is offerred in the term and fit the student’s year group?

Hi Yirong,

You found a bug! Thanks for reporting it. This has now been fixed in Class Enrolment v1.1.01, which is available on our Extend page.

As a reminder, this version is only for Gibbon Core v24 and above, but the patch we previously performed on your v23 install to run v1.1.00 allows this new version to run too, so you should be good to go.



Thank you, Ross. I have updated the module and tested it. It works great.