Issue: Gibbon v14 Notifications

I cannot delete the notification event here.

Notifier was for a positive student record and deleting from the table restored working system but when attempted again, failed.

Also, I can’t seem to add subscribers for student applications.

Jack, after you upgraded to v14 did you go to Admin > System Admin > Update to update your database from v13 to v14? If you have not done this, then please do so. If you have done this and still get the error, please look in your PHP error logs to see what error message you are getting. We can then look into the error for you. Thanks, Ross.

Yes, I selected the database upgrade.

Also, there doesn’t appear to be an error for the date on which this happened.

Edit: I have just installed a test version on Gibbon using demo data and can confirm the issue is still present, even with a different computer. To reproduce the issue, follow these instructions.

  1. System Admin
  2. Notification Settings
  3. Positive Behaviour Record
  4. Select a certain student and any teacher
  5. Issue occurs

Jack, OK, I can’t recreate this issue, and so wonder if this is a PHP version or server config issue. Please can you let us know your PHP version? Also, if you can temporarily enable on screen errors you should see the problem listed on screen, rather than having to dig through the logs. Thanks, Ross.