Is there any way to customize the Reports and Printouts through configuration in system?

How are you?

I’m exploring the different outputs of the systems, and while some of them adjust pretty well to my school’s needs, some others might require some customization to be a good fit.
Is there a way to achieve this through configuration?

For example in the Print option for the Application Form, to be able to select fields or at least sections of the Form to print
i.e. Personal, Family, Privacy, Medical, etc.

If this is not possible,

  • I would suggest it as a Feature Request. I believe it will certainly add to the already great variety of functionalities of the application.
  • And meanwhile, I will appreciate your advice on how to achieve customized reports from the information in the system.

Thank you!!!
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Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for your feature request, I can see where this would be useful. In your case, if you’re looking for a high degree of control over reports generated by the system, you could check out the Reports module. While this module can be used to generate report-card style reports, using reporting cycles to collect data from teachers, you can also create printable PDFs for other report-style needs. The trade-off of the high degree of control is that it does require some HTML and templating experience to customize exactly what the PDF output will look like. Templates can be constructed using the drag-drop interface in the Template Builder, but editing and creating new template assets will take some HTML code.

Hi Sandra,
I’m glad you see it as useful too.
This Reports feature seems very interesting. I’ve originally associated it only with report-card style reports, but if it is capable of generating different kinds of reports it is certainly worth exploring, and I will.
I’m mostly interested in generating trend reports and sort of “statistical reports” with some calculations, ie list student attendance or grades by quarter or month or weekday, to analyze and detect some behavior patterns.

Thank you!

If you’re looking to extract data for more statistical style reports and calculations, then the Query Buildermodule may be more of use here. It can use SQL statements to extract pretty much any data in spreadsheet format from the database. Writing queries does require SQL familiarity, so we do offer a value-added licence which adds 140+ useful queries to get up and running:

Great to hear that!
I’ll keep it in mind.

Thank you!!