Is Gibbon support multi-school environment?

Hi Ross,

May I know if Gibbon support multi-school environment?
If not, is there any alternative for Gibbon to cater similar environment?



Sadly, Gibbon does not offer multi school functionality. This is something we would love to have, and we are currently refactoring the entire codebase to make such changes more feasible…but multi-school, should it happen, would be some years off.

I am not aware of any other open source platforms that offer this.

You could always build your own code layer on top of Gibbon in order to coordinator multiple sites.

Good luck!

Hi Ross,

Just wondering if any progress has been made about multi school environment.


Hi Bishnu, no, sadly not. We are focused on rebuilding the whole of Gibbon in such a way that will make this kind of change easier. As you can imagine, this is a huge job, and @ross has put in a huge amount of effort over the past few versions. I can’t say right now when this work will be done…but we are doing our best! Thanks for your patience and continued interest in Gibbon. Ross.