Invoices from activities

Hello everyone.
I have a small issue with activities.
When i create an invoice for a specific activities let’s say swimming and generate the invoice and i can see all the amount correct, but when i issue the invoice for the parents it shows zero amount?
Now am i doing something wrong? Can someone help out?


Hi dgago, that is odd, as I can’t recreate this issue. Please can you provide step-by-step instructions so that we can try and do exactly what you are doing. What version of Gibbon are you using? Thanks! Ross.

I have sent you a private email due to privacy info.

Hi David, thanks for your email. I’ve taken a look, and you are doing what I thought you would be doing, but getting a different result from what I see in my development environment. Odd.

The invoice I created from Activities has gibbonFinanceInvoiceID=00000000000007 (you can check the URL when editing the invoice, or look in gibbonFinanceInvoice in your database) . If I look in the database, at the table gibbonFinanceInvoiceFee (where individual fees are stored), I see an entry with gibbonFinanceInvoiceID set to 00000000000007:

Do you see such an entry for your invoice? The answer to this will tell us whether the issue is in the creation of the fee, or in its display.