instruction manual

Our college in a remote part of India is able to use free software only because of you. I was looking at the support page in your website and want to keep all the support manual in one single pdf file. Our college do not have stable internet connection. So is it possible to please send all the support details as a PDF file. Something like a manual which we can refer for support. Basically all the things given in this
in a PDF or word file, which we can print and keep in our college.
Thanks a lot

Hello, we do not have such a manual, but you could try a utility such as wget to download the support site and store it locally. Would that help?

Thanks for the information Admin. Sorry but a manual would be very helpful. Some of our staff member are not so friendly with using computer.

Sorry I mean some of our staff are not so computer friendly and if we print a manual and give it to them, it helps them a lot.

Ah, I see. In this case there is no much we can do to help. The honest answer here is that we don’t yet have the staffing or volunteers to offer a comprehensive online manual, and by extension we are then not in a position to offer a printable version. We are a small team trying to do big things…but numbers are growing, so hopefully this kind of documentation becomes feasible one day. Sorry we can’t do more…but we always welcome volunteers willing to help!

Hi @webofficerasd

It occurred to me that because the docs use a static site generator we may be able to make an all-in-one page that could be printed. I’ve tweaked the output and it’s now generating printable versions for each of the roles by taking out the sidebars and adding a couple print-friendly css styles. Many browsers have a Print to PDF option you could use to save the printable version and share it as an offline document (be sure to turn shrink-to-fit off).

These pages are auto-generated and will update anytime the docs change.

Hope this helps! It not often ideal to print a whole webpage, but for your school’s case it sounds like this may be the best bet.

Thanks a lot admin and special thanks to Sandra. Its very helpful.

@ross strikes again! What a creative gem of a solution : )