Installation and database password failure

My first install of Gibbon was on a localhost computer. The biggest challenge was getting Gibbon to have password access to the database. I solved that after many tries. I have documented it but I don’t have permission to put the link here. It involved going into PHPAdmin and changing the root password. and then editing the phpconfig file in xamp. Now I am trying to move to a hosting service and am hitting the same wall. Step 2 is not recognizing my login credentials. I set them up in the CPanel of the hosting service. but it doesn’t work. Is there anywhere I can read online how to fix this? I am getting the message “Your request failed because you do not have access to this action.”
thank you!

Hi Bob,

Moving between servers can certainly be tricky, hopefully we can help you get up and running. Are you installing again fresh or hoping to transfer your existing database over from localhost to the new server?

The credentials in step 2 will be those for your MySQL database. The Database Server will often be localhost, however it can also be different depending on your hosting, it’s best to check to be sure (if the host has any database-related docs or setup info it would generally be in there). The database name, user and password are based on the setup you’ve done in CPanel. After creating the database, you may also need to create the mysql user, then add that user to the database so it has access:

Also be sure to avoid using the back/forward buttons during the install process, as this is likely where you’re seeing the “Your request failed because you do not have access to this action.” error. If the install fails, start fresh from step 1 to continue.

Hope this helps!