Inquiry on number of terms if three semesters and summer

Good day. For a school that has three semesters plus a summer in a school year, would that mean creating four terms for that school year? Or should three terms be created, but create and issue invoices twice? (once for the third semester, and another for the summer)

Hi Richard, one consideration is that the summer (if it is merely a gap between terms) would be usable for attendance, lesson planning, etc. In order to do these things over the summer, it needs to be a term. Does this help you to work out how to proceed? No cut and dried answers for this kind of question! Thanks, Ross

Hi Ross, I wanted to know how the other schools with the same setup (3 semesters plus summer) have implemented it in Gibbon. I think based on your answer that I should set it to 4 terms.

Hi Richard, no worries at all. Hopefully a friendly community member with experience in this regard comes along to help : ) Otherwise, 4 terms sounds reasonable to me. Ross.

Hi richardg. My old school ran a summer school and we added an extra term called Summer to cover this time period, it worked well for us.

Thank you @ross for this. I was worried I might not be seeing the pitfalls or gotchas if we add another term.