Initial School Setup (CSV Imports)

I’ve got several questions about initially setting up a school. Many are related to CSV imports.

  1. What is the meaning and implication of status? I see “Full”, “Expected” and “Left” (?)
  2. In the getting started video, around the 10 minute mark the presenter (is that Ross?) alludes to a CSV import and says this is more for sync than for importing, and that some users will be marked as “Left”.
  • Could you explain that a little bit more?
  • I am trying to set it up for the first time, I thought that CSV Import of my new users/students would be the way to go (it would be tedious to set up an entire school through the web form I think). Is this a viable option? (I know the UI has changed some since that video was made).
  1. I made two CSV imports – one to create the students as users, and another to enrol them (then I had to go back and add a start date and manually enroll… I guess because the start date was missing? Is that the normal workflow, import students as users, then import for enrollment.
  2. When I searched the docs for username generation I see there is a function for this purpose. Is this a feature of the system?

One more question unrelated to CSV imports…
5. I can see from the time table discussions that you are trying to adapt to many different types of scheduling. In a simple scenario where every day is the same, every year group is the same, you would only need one TimeTable, one Column, right?


I think it would be better if you split your post up into various questions so I can try and answer them one by one. Can you? :slight_smile:

I will spin off separate threads. I didn’t want to spam the discussion board but maybe that’s better?

I don’t see a way to edit the initial post of this thread to dispose of my 5 question post.