Include file name in Import History report (under Import From File)

Home > System Admin > Import From File > Import History

This report is beneficial.

Can we also include the name of the last file imported? That would really help as well.

The reason I ask for this is when I’m importing a number of files, I’ll first clone the site and test the imports there.

A week later when I’m ready to import at the live site, I want to have a way of knowing/remembering which was the last known good file I imported - I could check the cloned/staging site for the file name (and also maybe the file size).

And this is useful even without a backup site as I describe it. Can be used solely at a live/production site.


Hi Tieku. Sure, this was a very quick tweak so I’ve added it in v25:

Wow Sandra. Your prompt response is very much appreciated.