Import files needed - preparing for new installation

Hi there,

I am preparing for a completely new implementation of Gibbon. Apart from the tech details, what are the specifications of all the files I need?

I saw that there are photos needed as well, where are these uploaded?



The main imports you would use to get started are Users, Student Enrolment, Families (all under Admin > User Admin) and then Timetable (under Admin > Timetable Admin). This will give you a good base of information to work from. The formats are indicated on the import pages themselves. I would recommend doing the final CSV save in LibreOffice, and setting all fields to be enclosed with quotation marks. This can be done under Edit Filters when you save. Gibbon does not like the CSV files that Excel makes.

In terms of images, I plan on building an import in v10, but this is a few months away. For now, I can show you a work around using FTP, CSVs and SQL. It’s pretty quick, as long as you can provide images named with the username or gibbonPersonID of the users.