Import Family throwing error

Getting fails for importing family, even though (I think) my data files seem like requested.

Wondering if there is an issue with import_families.php

After a quick look into User Admin/import_families.php, the SQL statements don't seem to match thegibbonFamily table field names on lines 414 and 439 (update and add family). Looks like gibbonFamily has been changed with field "languageHome" (in the php) now becoming 2 fields "languageHomePrimary" and "languageHomeSecondary"

However, rewriting the line 439 to

$sql="INSERT INTO gibbonFamily SET name=:name, nameAddress=:nameAddress, homeAddress=:homeAddress, homeAddressDistrict=:homeAddressDistrict, homeAddressCountry=:homeAddressCountry, status=:status, languageHomePrimary=:languageHome, familySync=:familySync" ;`

still didn't work (even though I allowed NULLs for languageHomeSecondary in the tables)


Thanks for this. We just fixed it, and it is available in the commit below:

This is not 100% backwards compatible with v11, and takes a bit of a hack to run. You need to apply the newly changed file from above AND run the database change on line 464. Running this database code again when you update to v12 WILL NOT cause an update error, so there will be no need to comment it out when v12 comes out and you want to install it (sometimes this is required, but not now).

Thanks for reporting. Nice shirt : )