Import - Duplicate user name (V19)

Dear Admin,
I was trying to use the import feature (helpful) on Gibbon V19 to import users through “User-Data-Basic” option. Unfortunately, I assign similar username for two students and later after the bulk insert I saw that both students are registered, which is not logical as per my point of view. The doesn’t include the form registration. Is there any solution.


I can’t say I fully understand what you mean.

Anyway, what names did you use for the two students? Why isn’t it logical?

User-Data-Basic doesn’t include student application forms. It just creates the user records in gibbonPerson.

When creating user using Home > User Admin > Manage Users > Add User, it prevents from creating a duplicate “UserName” and from this we can understand a user name shall be unique.

On the other hand, a bulk import allows two users with the same “UserName” to be inserted and this contradicts.

Hi Anteneh,

The import has three modes: Update and Insert, Update Only, and Insert Only. With the first mode, if you were to upload a file with exiting usernames, it will update the info for those users, and insert new ones. To prevent this, you can choose Insert Only.

Hope this helps!