I'm the only one who I can assign roles

Hi, I am into index.php?q=/modules/School Admin/rollGroup_manage_add.php&gibbonSchoolYearID=XXX
I want to create a course (And I already did create a few). But I can’t assign anyone else as tutor or assistante other than mysef. Why is that?
Additionally, if I go to /index.php?q=/modules/System Admin/systemSettings.php, inside settings of organization(not sure how is this called in the english language, I see it as orgaizacion in spanish). So I try to chane adminisn administrator or Human Resources Administrator and I am the only one available in the dropdown menues, why is that?
What am I missing?


javiers, for your first question, please keep in mind these are not courses (they can’t appear in the timetable), they are just tutor groups. I suspect the other people who you might want to assign as tutors have not been listed under People > Staff > Manage Staff. Perhaps check this, and if it does not help, then please can you provide us a screen shot and step by step instructions to recreate what you are doing.

For your second question, please can you post as a separate question, in order to help us keep the forum organised.

Thanks : )


Oh! Thanks a lot for the clarification. I think this is something about the translation to spanish. Once I get the system ready and running for the institute I will try to help with that. Because it shows as cursos (which is courses you take, for us).
And sorry for the second question, I was a bit confused and thinking it was related. I will create a new post.

Thanks a lot