ICHK Free Learning

Hello. I’ve been looking around the ICHK Gibbon system, to see what Free Learning is, and like the sound of it. I was wondering, is there any way you could allow us to download some of your units, simply to try? I understand that not all are shared under a license, but some are. Is there any way to download these and upload to our own system? I also know that a lot of work must have went into these, so if you do not want to, that is alright, obviously. Thanks!

Hello, good question! All of the units I have created for our ICHK Human Technologies subject, which include all of our ICT units, are under Creative Commons. I’ve wrapped up the units into the attaches MySQL files. If you install Free Learning into Gibbon, you can then run this file on your database, and the units should appear. The departments will need to be updated, but other than that it should work. Good luck, and let us know how you get on. Ross.

Ross, you are simply awesome. Thanks so much for that! I wasn’t sure whether you would rather keep those units for ICHK as they undoubtedly took time to create.

Knowledge is pretty pointless if it is not shared ; )

A very good point indeed! By the way, I downloaded the files, added them to our server and they work perfectly. I’m now engrossed in watching videos of Sugru!

Hi @trains5390 ,

Given your previous interest in Free Learning, I was wondering if you are still using it? If so, we are building a map of schools using Gibbon and/or FreeLearning. We’d love to know who’s out there!

If you have a moment, it would be a great help if you could complete our 3-minute form: https://bit.ly/3idoTWw.