How to Update Gibbon to New Version

Hello Ross, I would like to update gibbon from v13 to v14. What are the steps to follow?

I’m not Ross, but this maybe of some help:

  1. Make a backup of your database and your gibbon folder

  2. Log into Gibbon and click on Admin → System Admin

  3. Choose Update from the menu on the right

  4. You will see further instructions on that page which are:

  5. You are currently using Gibbon v13.0.00.

  6. Check the Gibbon download page for a newer version of Gibbon.

  7. Download the latest version, and unzip it on your computer.

  8. Use an FTP client to upload the new files to your server, making sure not to overwrite any additional modules and themes previously added to the system.

  9. Reload this page and follow the instructions to update your database to the latest version.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

@athar1, you may be better than Ross! Ross.