How to startup with a running school

I’m glad finding Gibbon for a private school running under a non-profit organization school and it has being running for like 10 years now.
We have 400+ students and 50+ staff.
What if we want to start Gibbon from next year.
Do we need wait till next year or enroll staff and student for current year and then Rollover on 1st of January.

Please advice.

Hi ahmed,

With a school of this size, it can take some time to import and setup all the data, so you could certainly start working on setting up your system before next year. This would give you time to figure out the system, create your roles and permissions, and begin adding student and staff data. There are import options to add data via spreadsheet as well as manually. The rollover tends to be performed between school years, rather than calendar years (although perhaps these are the same for your school). Hope this helps answer your question. Be sure to checkout the docs for info about setting up your system for the first time:

Hi sandra,

I have followed the getting-started docs on the website and imported the staff and student users as well as the parent users for testing.
Our school year has ended a few days back and it usually starts early in January.
But do I have to enroll staff and students for this year and then Rollover when the next year starts or
can I enroll staff to next year itself?

When we got started we focused on the next school year and didn’t do any rollover. This worked very well for us.

Later we decided to let Gibbon also keep our historic enrollments since opening of our school about 5 years ago.

Hi Ahmed, staff don’t need to be enroled each year group, and so your current staff from this year will be available for next year. However, for students they will need to be re-enroled, which you can do in bulk using the Rollover (under Admin > User Admin). Cheers, Ross.

Because i am testing with real data and without enrolling students for this year, certain areas on the platform cannot be tested.
So, I enrolled students for this year and plan to Rollover. But when do I have to make the Rollover?
Can it be done before the next school year starts?


I’m not sure testing stuff with real data is ideal. Especially at the beginning of using Gibbon there’s quite a steep learning curve. It takes time to learn how things work.

Certain areas on the platform cannot be tested? Can you be more specific?

We usually do the rollover a few days before the end of the school year and once we know the students that shouldn’t be promoted to the next year and are retained. We are then able to prepare the bills for the next term accordingly and hand them over to the students before they vacate.

Works beautifully. :slight_smile:

Indeed, works beautifully. :slight_smile:
Thank You both Ross and Meierrom.