How to remove a criteria from reports

We are trying to set up the reports for the first time. Initially, we created a criterion called “Attainment” which we now do not wish to use. However, despite deleting reports and starting again with a different name, the criterion “Attainment” still appears on all the reports. Even if I delete the report setup, change the name of the report and start again, the criterion “Attainment” still appears along with any other criteria I have added. If I add no criteria, “Attainment” is still there on all the subject reports. Any tips on how to get rid of it?

I fixed this by deleting then reinstalling the module, deleting all records of “criteria” in the process.

@andystat is there anything you might add here, as author of the module?

Despite being remove as described above “Attainment” has returned unwanted to some of the reports. It is not possible to remove it using administration. Now most of the reports have been completed so I can’t use the remove-reinstall method. Is there any other “under the hood” way to remove an unwanted criteria without affecting the rest of the data?

Also, apart from the continued appearance of unwanted criteria, when I try to create a report using the “Make PDF” feature. The PDF file created is empty apart from the name of the student as a footer! Also some of the reports created as subject reports cannot be seen when you use the “Proof Read” feature. I am very worried that our reports are going completely pear-shaped here! Has anyone else experienced similar difficulties and overcome them?

I fixed the issue above by simply reading the instructions and completing the “design” process for the reports!

I should clarify, I have fixed the empty PDF issue which was simply my not reading the instructions properly. The unwanted and impossible to remove report criterion “Attainment” remains and also some subjects only exist as subject reports but then do not appear in “proof reading” or in the final reports.

Hi sdbaldwin. Sounds frustrating! :s I’ve replied to your other post, let me know which of the above issues you’re still encountering and I’ll see if I can take a look at the module’s code to help provide a solution.

Thank you Sandra, Andy helped me with this one too. It turns out that once you apply the criteria for a subject, it then affects all classes in that subject area in all year groups. I have managed to go back through them and clean it up.