How To Manage School Day

Hey Ross,

1. I want to include special days, some of those days fall on Saturday and sunday. But since they don’t appear in the calendar because they are set as non-school day, I couldn’t go further. What should be done here? should they be changed back to school-days?

2. The above scenario makes me ask this question: what do the following mean on the school day manager
a. School Day
b. School Opens
c. School Starts
d. School Ends
e. School Closes
Saturday and sunday being set as school-day or non-school day. What does it imply for the system?

Thanks in advance.



Only have Saturday and Sunday listed as school days, if school is in session on those days as part of a regular week. If not, and you have events on those days, these are best placed in your school calendar (we use Google Calendar for this). “Special Days” refers to the idea that these are days that fall during the school week, but for some reason are out of the ordinary (e.g. school is closed, or school houses are different).

The terms are defined below:

  1. School Day - is this day of the week (eg. Monday, Tuesday, etc) regularly a school day, or not. For us, school days are Mon-Fri, and Sat-Sun are not, but this varies from place to place, so Gibbon is flexible.
  2. School Opens - what time do the school gates open to admit people.
  3. School Starts - what time does the official school day (e.g. classes) begin
  4. School Ends - what time does the official school day end
  5. School Closes - what time do the school gates close, with people expected to be off premises.

If Saturday and Sunday are set as school days, they appear in the timetable, and other locations around the system.

Hope this helps