How to enroll entire roll group to a class?

Hello Everyone, I already have a huge number of students all organized in roll groups. I have difficulty enrolling these students to class (subjects) as I have to select them one by one. Is there any way to choose roll groups instead of students? Thanks.

Vincent, head to Admin > Timetable Admin in the main menu, and then go to Course Enrolment by Class in the module menu. This will allow you to select students by roll group.

Did went to the Course enrollment by Class however I only see the all users and no enrolable students. What am I missing? I started with Gibbon and no sample database.

Right, I suspect your courses are not tied to particular year groups, which prevents the roll groups with students in those years from showing up. Go back to Manage Courses and Classes, edit a course, and set the relevant year group checkboxes.

Thank you Admin. Worked liked a charm. :slight_smile: