How to change student application form text

I plan to use Gibbon in a college but some of the text in the student application form refers to children and their guardians. Can this form be edited to align it with application requirements for a higher education institution? If so, where can I access the editable form?


At the moment this is not really possible, but you could hirer a programmer to make a copy of the core module Application Form, and turn it into an additional module, which you could then edit. You could disable the core version, and use your own version as well. It should be possible for your own version to use the same database tables as the core version, meaning the rest of the system can access the data as per normal. In addition you can use the Public Home Page hook (see to make the form available to members of the public.

I hope this makes sense! If you can find someone to develop the module I would be more than happy to advise them where possible.