how to change email message

Dear sir

i would like to ask how to change the email msg for the student and teacher after registration

Hello, at this point in time there is no single, simple way to do this (e.g. it is not settable in the system). If you can post the text of the message in question, we can look at adding a setting. In the meantime, you can check out the String Replacement feature under Admin > System Admin, which can be used to replace parts of the text in the email. Thanks, Ross.

i try to follow your instruction but not success
i want to remove your website on the email notification

Welcome to aag, AAG’s system for managing school information. You can access the system by going to and logging in with your new username (jdelacruz) and password (wdb4457). You can learn more about using aag on the official support website (

This would be tricky, as there is HTML in this string. If you want to do this you could edit the relevant file in your installation, but you’d need to make this change each time you update. At the moment we are not in a position to offer an option to customise this text as have our hands full with work on v15 (due out on January 20th). You could always consider hiring a programmer to make the relevant changes and then submitting the resulting code back to us so we can include it in future versions. Cheers, Ross.