How to assign students to a course

And here’s one more question! :D. I am focused on having gibbon set and ready soon!. So, I added manually users with the type student. But then, when I go to index.php?q=/modules/Timetable Admin/courseEnrolment_manage_byPerson.php, I can add anyone (they are just unlisted below). What needs to happen in order to have ability to be enrolled to a course?


Hi Javiers,

The step in between creating the User and enrolling them in Courses is Student Enrolment, found in People > Students in the right-hand sidebar look for Admissions > Student Enrolment. This tells the system that not only are they a student, but they’re an active student in the current school year with a year group and roll group. Once you create an enrolment for a student you’ll find they then become available to enrol in classes and also show up in the fast finder. Conversely, any time you cant find a student in your lists the first place to check is if they have a Student Enrolment.

So the steps for adding new students is generally: Create a User > Student Enrolment > Course Enrolment

Hope this helps!

Hi skupers, thanks a lot for the clear explanation!. I seem to still be missing something else tho, because going to the student enrollment I find nobody there to enroll :S

When you’re on the Student Enrolment page the list will be empty initially. Click the Add button to start adding new student enrolments. Or is it the drop-down list on the Add Student Enrolment page that’s empty? Feel free to post screenshots.

Using the way above consumes to much time, because we have to do it one by one, I suggest to use the Data Admin module, then under the Student category seems to be there is a faster option, the one saying:
“Admissions - Student Enrolment - Enrol students in form groups and year groups”, then by clicking in Actions we can import a spreadsheet based on 4 required filed names (School Year, Year Group, Form Group and Student to Enroll)… am I right ???

Yep, the enrolments can also be done through the Data Admin, which could certainly speed things up if you have a spreadsheet with enrolment details. For setting up the initial system this can work well, then for following years one could either use the built-in rollover feature (by setting the Next From Group option in School Admin > Manage Form Groups) or use the importer again.

This is also one of the areas where Gibbon has a built-in importer, in User Admin > Import Student Enrolment. Be sure to read the instructions on that page, the format and procedure is different than in Data Admin.

Adolfo, yes, the native Gibbon way can be time consuming, but it depends on the format your data is in, how closely your class groups map to your form/roll groups and how big your school is. As Sandra mentions, there is an importer too (which I failed to mention), and then Data Admin as the Swiss Army Knife solution. Ross.

Sandra and Ross, I´m totally impressed by your hard work, I used the Data Admin module (the Swiss Army Knife) to upload student enrolment info, it took me much more time (one entire day) to sort the information in the required csv spreadsheet than the import process. Now I have the info sorted by Student, Year and Forms, this is amazing, look at the pictures:

Thanks so much !!!

What you are experiencing is the very powerful @skuipers effect…nothing to do with me! Ross