How to add Titles to Users

Good day. May I ask how to add to the Titles dropdown list under Admin > User Admin > Manage Users? I would like to add new titles like “Rev.” to the existing “Ms.”, “Miss”, “Mr.”, “Mrs.”, and “Dr.”. Thank you

Have a look at the following file:

You should be able to add additional entries in function “createSelectTitle”.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Hi Richard,

Roman is 100% right on this one, but it is worth adding that the database field (gibbonPerson.title) can store a maximum of 5 characters: anything longer that you add to FormFactory.php and select will be truncated.

Also, any changes you make will be overwritten on update of Gibbon, so you’ll have to track and recreate your changes.



Thank you meierrom and Ross! It works :slight_smile: