How not to use attainment & effort


I just started using the Gibbon code, and I really like all the possibilities of it. Personally, it is a little bit too much for my usage…

I don’t want to use the Attainment & Effort functions of the system. So at the page for ‘Internal Assessment’, I want a table that just shows ‘Assessment’ and ‘Comment’, and not the rows for attainment and effort. Is it possible to skip those two?

Thank you in advance!


At the moment settings exist to turn off attainment and effort for the Markbook, but not not for Internal Assessments. I have added this as a feature to work on, as item 13 on the v14 todo list. v14 will be released in June 2014.

If Gibbon has too many features, you can disable modules or adjust user permissions (in System Admin and User Admin respectively) to limit the parts of the system that your users see.



Thanks for your answer. I’ll try the Markbook, maybe that works for us! Otherwise we have to wait for the new version.


Here I am again. I have the same problem in the Markbook, so maybe I didn’t explain myself well. I’ll try again :slight_smile:

If you look at this image, you see the table with data I just placed in the mark book of one of our students. In the end I want to have three places for comments, but more important at the moment: I don’t want to see the cells with ‘Attainment’ and ‘Effort’. Is it possible to turn just these two off or to delete them in any way from the table?

Thank you again!

Oscar, on the issue of three places for comments, we will need to come back to that at some future point. However, for disabling effort, yes, in v13 (which is still under development, due for release January 20th 2017) you can set this under Admin > School Admin in the main menu and then Markbook Settings. If this works for you, we can look at providing a similar function for attainment. Let us know how you get on.