How do I upgrade from v20 to v24?

HI Team,

We have an older installation and want to upgrade. How we do so from v20 to v24 without any issues?

20 to 24 is not that big chanage… but before perfect answer:

you can try duplicate your db and files in separate folder and try overwrite the v20 files(copy from original) with v24.
Then upgrade from the browser and see if everything runs smoothly.

if nothing breaks you can upgrade the production files and should smoothly run the same.

This answer is to save your time incase perfect response is not given on time [given that support team is on summer vacation]

remember to change the db name in the config file [to match the new duplicate db]
This is very important

Hi Kelvin, thanks for jumping in : ) I’d already composed a reply, but not posted it, so will add it to your useful information.

Hi Rayhann, I’ve just upgraded from v20 to v24 in one go as a test for you, and it worked fine. This is currently the maximum upgrade path for v24, although you could go longer if you had to, with some customisation.

Upgrade by overwriting the old files in your installation with the new ones. During this, make sure that you don’t overwrite /config.php, /uploads and any additional modules in /modules and additional themes in /themes.

You’ll be logged out as soon as you update the files and reload the page, but once out, if you log back in, you’ll be prompted to do the database update, and after this step, the update is done. You can then do language packs and additional modules. Definitely back up first!

Good luck!