How do columns work? How to set them up properly?

So here’s my scenario: We have 3 main levels: A, B, C. Each of those has sublevels, for instance A1-1, A1-2, A2, B3, C3. Some of this have two different timetables (If I didn’t get the concept wrong). I know this may sound a bit vague or wide, but I bet you guys with more experience than me or, the admins will understand my questions.

And where I need some help is, understanding how columns work:
So, here I should add different “times” for each different time schema ? For instance, if each day has a different schema because different courses of different levels are given, I should create one column (schema) for day? Or is this more like, I should use this feature for defining each course (A1-1, B2, A2, C3, A1 Intensive…) times/hours?

javiers, the idea behind columns is that instead of defining the structure of every day in the timetable (where many days may be the same as others), you define columns, which contain the timings within a day, and then use and reuse them as many times in as many timetables as you need. It is a layer of abstraction in the design of the timetable design to save time in terms data entry. Ross.

Nice, I understand now. So in my case this probably is not really useful since we can have different classes going on at that may overlap but starting and/or ending at different hours, right?
Because it’s not that we use the whole day everyday, we usually will have several empty times while there will still be specific times where all the rooms are in use. Maybe attaching an example timesheet would help?

Yes, by all means share an example timesheet. Having empty space in a timetable, via a hole in the column, or just unused rows in a column, should not pose problems.

Ok, here’s a timesheet from our institute.

Javiers, this is very different to the kind of timetable I am used to in a more traditional school setting, and with it being in Spanish as well, I am not really sure what to advise here. One way to start might be to install a copy of Gibbon with Demo Data enabled, and then to view some timetables for staff and students, before viewing the controls under Admin > Timetable Admin. Hopefully this gives you somewhere to start.