How can I use current data fields to accommodate multiple schools?

As an NGO, we work with multiple schools with a small number of students per school. I am looking for suggestions on how to use currents data fields to include a school code with each student. Thanks for all ideas and suggestions.

Hello again! Gibbon is not set up to handle multiple schools, something I sadly overlooked in the initial design, and which we’ve not had the capacity to redress. However, I do know some institutions that have used Admin > System Admin > Custom Fields, to create a field for storing a list of schools, which can then be assigned to students and staff. This is not without its drawbacks, but it can be effective. Thanks, Ross.

Understand. The custom field might work. But, you said there may be drawbacks. Could please comment on what drawbacks we need to keep in mind?

Thank you Ross!

Primarily that this field is not displayed in many parts of the system, and so in some places it will be visible, but in many you won’t be able to see the name of the school against the name of the student.