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Is the only way to “Untie” Days from Dates is to tie new days to dates and check the Overwrite box? What about if I simply want to untie all previously set days without adding new ones?

This is not currently possible, and it would likely be an edge case that could be pretty destructive to the timetable if accidentally used. I can see where it could be useful, especially if you are importing data.

This can be done with SQL with the following statement. The latest version of Query Builder for v23 will allow running Commands, which are like queries but enable changing the database, this could be a good place to add this:

`DELETE `gibbonTTDayDate` FROM `gibbonTTDayDate` JOIN `gibbonTTDay` ON (gibbonTTDay.gibbonTTDayID=gibbonTTDayDate.gibbonTTDayID) JOIN `gibbonTT` ON (gibbonTT.gibbonTTID=gibbonTTDay.gibbonTTID) WHERE gibbonTT.gibbonTTID="00001234"`

Replacing 00001234 with your gibbonTTID.

Thanks for this. Sometimes you have school administrators saying, “Oops, we gave you the wrong timetable”, or “We’ve decided to make some changes to the timetable”. The Overwrite option does the trick.

Looking forward to the new Query Builder. This is similar to running SQL commands in phpmyadmin?