Higher Education

Hi Ross,

Is it possible if Secretary/Admin have access to edit or to add information regarding University that grade 12 students have chosen or adding notes in which Uni from 3 Uni that students applies got accepted or rejected??
I see only students that have access add “Applicant to Institutions” in track application page. Admin and others do not have access to this page ( screen shot attached)
Sometimes students have not time to do this in between their Exam, so the secretary will need to do this for administration purpose as well.
Thank you for your support.

Ayu, at the moment this is not possible, as only Students have access to this functionality. We could look at adding the ability to give staff this kind of access, but our time is currently very much tied up preparing for the release of v16. Are they are programmers that you can contract such changes to, who might then be willing to commit the changes back into the open source module? Thanks, Ross.

Thank you for your reply Ross, but at the moment we don’t have programmer to support this. Thank you for checking.

Ayu, unfortunately we don’t have the resources to tackle this for you at the moment, but I will keep it in mind if time makes itself available. Sorry! Ross.