Hidden Required Fields on Applications

There are a number of name fields that are required in Gibbon that we don’t need (Preferred and even First for the parents - we just use “Full Name”) - even “Start Date” should just default to Term Start Date/etc

On the App Form, I can mark as hidden and they’ll handle the app form for the parents properly…but the system still expects them filled in before it imports - I get it even though it’s “wrong” this time.

Is there a way (or make this an enhancement?) to set a default value for a field?

Good question, I’ll see if we can add a default value option, as that could certainly be useful in different circumstances. For now, if you mark a field as Office Only, then the office can at least add a sensible value into that field before accepting it, since they will likely need to review the data as part of their admissions process. For example, even if your school uses Full Name, Gibbon will need a First and Preferred name for various places in the system, so these cannot be skipped entirely. Keeping First or Preferred Name, but not both, it likely the best way to go.