Help with setting up report cards

I am trying to set up Gibbon for our school in rural Ecuador…and I am running into a few difficulties with setting up a report card. Up until now I have done it in excel with formulas but I can´t manage to understand how to do it in Gibbon.

I have the markbook set up with column weight so that the markbook calculates course grade. I think it is ok.

But I don´t understand how to create a report card with all the subjects and their grades for each term.

And then our school year is divided into two semesters with two terms each. So I need a report card with the course grade per term and another that calculates the final grade with the term grades and the final exam.

Can someone help me with this?


By default Gibbon does not offer this out of the box, as there are so many permutations, and schools seem to always want something very different.

It is achievable with some custom coding, and I’ve added some details for you to the following post, where I see you also mentioned this question:

Good luck!