Help integrating a custom development to the app menu and permission system

I’m trying to develop a very simple functionality (a sort of CRUD) to add some information for my school.
I have trouble understanding how to attach this functionality to a menu in the app so it can be accessed from inside the app, and assign it the right access permissions.
Could anyone that has been able to do something similar in the past be so kind to spend 30 minutes in a zoom meeting with me to help me understand and get me started in doing this?

It will be much appreciated!!!
Thank you very much
Warm regards

Hi Ricardo, sounds like you’re heading down the road of developing a custom module : ) Anything in the main menu is a module: many of them are core modules, but they can also be additional modules you’ve downloaded and installed from the Extend page. Here are the docs on creating a custom module: In short, you can download the starter module, give it a name, and then install it. From there, you can customize the module and start adding your CRUD actions. The manifest.php file can be used to create tables and settings. My recommendation would be to check out a simple module as an example, such as the Stream module (which has fairly clean code compared to some modules). Hope this helps!

Hi Sandra,
You are right! ?
Still, I feel like attempting a first step in what from my current perspective (as a non-programmer) looks like a 40km marathon.
That is the reason I was kindly asking for a quick tour, bird’s eye view, or whatever you want to call it, to get the big picture and then slowly delve into the details myself. This is how my learning process works ?.
While I hopefully wait for any volunteer to kindly share a couple of live minutes withe me on the matter, I’ll follow your recommendation, and try to DIM (as in DIY) ?
Thank you very much!
Warm regards

Thanks Ricardo, I can certainly appreciate the marathon-esque learning curve when getting into PHP programming as well as Gibbon programming at the same time. Unfortunately, due to work and personal circumstances, our small Gibbon team’s capacity is very much limited at the moment, especially for coordinating video calls. What I can offer, which may be of help, is to add you to our developer Slack channel. There are a handful of active developers in the community, and it’d be a place where you could ask some coding questions as you get up and running. Feel free to email with the email you’d like to use to sign up, and we can send an invite.